Domino team

Domino team

DOMINO was founded in 1992 as a design studio, but has along the way changed according to the needs of clients, and grown into a creative agency with its own graphic, audio and video production.

We at Domino first and foremost believe in communication. Whether it is verbal, nonverbal, catchy, illustrative, mobile or telepathic – we believe that everything starts and ends with good communication. Our team was gathered around that eternal task of finding the best content, package and channels for communication of our clients with the rest of the world.

DOMINO is a mind game!

Dejan Putnik

Executive Director

To: Dejan Putnik

Dragan Fras

Managing Director

To: Dragan Fras

Vesna Fras

Client Service Director

To: Vesna Fras

Igor Vidić

Account Director

To: Igor Vidić

Vladimir Obradović

Art Director

To: Vladimir Obradović

Marina Ćetković


To: Marina Ćetković

Bogdan Marjanović

Video Production Manager

To: Bogdan Marjanović

Dobrica Višnjić

Audio Production Manager

To: Dobrica Višnjić

Strahinja Marković

UI/UX Designer

To: Strahinja Marković

Goran Plavšić

Senior Graphic Designer

To: Goran Plavšić

Tijana Pantelić Janićijević

Business Development Director

To: Tijana Pantelić Janićijević

Filip Nikolić

Production Manager

To: Filip Nikolić

Milena Dacić Cvetković

Account Manager

To: Milena Dacić Cvetković

Sonja Ivanović

Graphic Designer

To: Sonja Ivanović

Jovana Cvetkovski

Graphic Designer

To: Jovana Cvetkovski

Ljubica Matović

Account Executive

To: Ljubica Matović

Isidora Mišić


To: Isidora Mišić

Milena Milanov

Office Manager

To: Milena Milanov